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Stumble Guys

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A massive multiplayer party knockout game.

Autodesk Maya


Stumble Guys is a massive multiplayer party knockout game developed by Scopely. As a Tools Programmer at Tag Games, a Scopely studio, I actively contributed to the design and implementation of a variety of tools that provided critical support to programmers, designers, and artists throughout the development of Stumble Guys.


One notable accomplishment was the automation of a significant portion of the asset integration pipeline. This automation dramatically reduced the time required for asset integration and enhanced overall efficiency by minimizing the need for manual interventions. Consequently, it led to a more streamlined development process.

Additionally, I developed an asset validation tool equipped with a comprehensive set of validation rules. This tool played a pivotal role in the project by decreasing the number of invalid assets integrated into the game. It ensured that all integrated assets were error-free and aligned with project requirements.


I engineered a profiling tool that was designed to run on builds, simplifying the real-time collection of profiling data from devices. This tool significantly contributed to the development and optimization of the game, resulting in improved performance and responsiveness.


I played a key role in enhancing the animation system, enabling the seamless delivery of animations over the air. This enhancement streamlined the distribution process and ensured that animations integrated seamlessly into the game.

I also implemented an aim offset system for the Nerf Arena level, significantly enhancing character aiming and precision within the game and ultimately providing a superior player experience.

Graphics Settings

I introduced customizable graphics settings, allowing players to adjust the game's quality settings with options for low, medium, and high quality settings. This not only provided players with control over their gaming experience but also significantly improved stability, enabling lower-tier devices to run the game smoothly.